Mittwoch, 1. April 2020

Waves of Thoughts that I rode in Hawaii- By Andy Weinstein

Hawaii, Hilo January 2020
Thoughts keep on crashing on the shore of my mind. They will do it constantly; I never know what I'll find. So I decided to use my surf board to simply ride these waves of thoughts. I'm not the thoughts, I'm not the waves. I'm the surfer. I imagine to sit in the line up. It's 
there where I notice the calm between sets. Like the Silence between my thoughts. The time in between waves, the space in between thoughts, that is magic, wisdom, freedom, peace, love the ultimate.

Hawaii, O'hau, Haleiwa,December 2019
Is life just coincidence? Yes, life and everything that happens in it is most likely a coincidence, governed by certain laws. It's a coincidence in a sense that none of this had to be the way it is. Life could have just as well not existed.

Hawaii, Kauai, Hanalei, January 2020
Letting go of my lost loved ones. I focus on the good times we had. I remember what I learned from them. I celebrate their life instead of mourning their death. I move towrdards future relationships. As long as there are those memories they live in my heart to stay. One
day we'll meet again.

Hawaii, O'hau, Kailua, December 2020
If I made a list of every wonderful day in my life, how many wonderful days would my life consist of in the end?

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